September 22, 2017

About Me

Welcome to Life, Simply Frugal!  This is a blog about my attempts at trying to live a simple and frugal life.  It is not a new age-y zen blog, but rather it is about real life, messy though it may be.

Who am I?

I am an engineer by day and a frugal blogger by night, in constant pursuit of a more satisfying life through simple frugality.  I live in Minnesota with my wonderful husband and our trouble-making-but-oh-so-lovable lab.

I never cause trouble!

When I’m not at work or walking the fur baby, I enjoy brewing delicious beer (I may be biased).  I love the experimentation you can do with homebrewing.  Want some coriander in your beer? You can do that.  Rhubarb beer? Done.  Pumpkin beer in March?  No problem.  It’s extremely satisfying to start with raw ingredients, watch your beer develop over the course of several weeks, and end up with a consumable product.  Also, it gives you an extra reason to check out breweries, for research purposes of course.

Running is another hobby of mine, which seems to compliment the beer drinking pretty well.  I got into running after going to watch a friend run a marathon.  It was a moving experience and I was hooked – I had to run one!  That was back in 2009 and I’ve been running ever since.

I love all aspects of food – eating it, growing it, and preserving it.  I’m no master chef, but I do enjoy finding new recipes and trying them out.  We have a small garden where we grow some of our own produce – including hops for beer.  Whatever we can’t consume right away we usually can or freeze to use later.  I am a big fan of eating seasonally, so being able to preserve some of the produce from our garden really brightens up our winter meals.

Why live simple and frugal?

I caught the frugal bug in December of 2016, at (hopefully) the peak of my quarter life crisis.  In 2013 I graduated from college with a mechanical engineering degree and was ready to take on the world.  Then the working world hits you like a train going 1 mph – very slowly but surely crushing everything in its path.  As a 20-something working a desk job in a large office, I was staring down the rest of my life, one passive aggressive corporate email at a time.  I wished (read: wish) away the days, counting down to the weekend, which of course would fly by and we would be right back to Monday.

Struggling to find satisfaction in the 9-5 grind, I discovered the possibility of financial independence through frugal living. Since then I have scoured the internet for finance blogs, trolled through the library for books on finance, and hassled (too) many family and friends for their opinions and experiences with their own finances.  What I’ve learned is that being frugal isn’t just about the numbers.  It’s a lifestyle and a mindset.  Learning to let go of conventional consumerism is a journey we’re on every day – some days less successful than others.  But every day we’re getting closer to a balanced life that embraces frugality and saving alongside living and indulging.

I’m not leaving my day job anytime soon, so I finally decided that I need to make the best of my time while I’m there.  My goal is to use frugality to simplify my life, and bring my family closer to financial independence.  Patience, humor, and good beer are mission critical.  Ready to join me?