Monday Gratitude

There has to be something good in this snow!

Monday Gratitude is a post I’d like to write every Monday to start the week off with a little positivity.  For many of us, it’s the first day of a long work week.  The thought of getting through the next 5 days can be daunting, so I’m hoping it will help to focus on some good things!

Huge shout out this week to Mr. LSF.  I came down with yet another cold  this weekend – I swear I’ve been sick basically all of January this year.  Sunday night I felt especially bad, but the husband stepped up.  He made dinner, did a huge pile of dishes, made our breakfasts for today, finished packing our lunches, AND built a fire.  He also spent the rest of the night getting me snacks and tea so that I didn’t have to leave the couch.  Amazing.

Being sick so often is such a bummer, and Mr. LSF has been right there with me in catching these cold bugs.  It hasn’t stopped him from taking care of me and our fur baby though, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that!  

In the spirit of taking it easy and HOPEFULLY kicking these nasty bugs, I’ll keep this post short and sweet so I can get back to blowing my nose while I watch episodes of Parenthood.

What are you all grateful for?

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