Monday Gratitude

Monday Gratitude is a post I’d like to write every Monday to start the week off with a little positivity.  For many of us, it’s the first day of a long work week.  The thought of getting through the next 5 days can be daunting, so I’m hoping it will help to focus on some good things!


Supposedly we have a decent snow storm rolling through today, although it hasn’t started yet.  Currently they are telling us that here in central Minnesota we’ll be getting 5-8 inches, which usually means we’ll get a dusting at best.  The weather folks hype up the snow storms every single time, but I still get sucked in with excitement.  We’ll see if it leads anywhere.  Basically all the snow we got last week is gone, we had an extremely unseasonable thaw that melted it away.  I’m a snow junkie, so this warm weather is a stake through the heart.    

My apologies to all the poor poor Vikings fans out there today.  We made it to the NFC Championship game, and in classic Minnesota sports fashion, choked epically.  Those of us who have lived in Minnesota for more than about 5 minutes knew that this moment was coming, but it is still a disappointment.  It would have been pretty fun to have this underdog team of purple people eaters go to the Superbowl in their hometown.  There’s a great meme going around that says “When I die I want the Minnesota Vikings to be my pallbearers so they can let me down for the last time.”  I think any Vikings fan can relate to that this morning.  Still, I’m grateful they made it this far, it was a fun ride.

I was lucky enough to attend a Vikings game last year – the new stadium is pretty amazing!

What are you all grateful for?