Monday Gratitude

Monday Gratitude is a post I’d like to write every Monday to start the week off with a little positivity.  For many of us, it’s the first day of a long work week.  The thought of getting through the next 5 days can be daunting, so I’m hoping it will help to focus on some good things!

I’m back after a couple weeks off for the holidays!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are waiting to tackle a fun and frugal 2018!

I had the misfortune of coming down with the stomach flu a few days before Christmas.  It was totally miserable, and I barely ate for a few days.  Once I felt better though, I was reminded of how we take good health for granted.  Waking up everyday feeling healthy and ready to tackle the day is no small thing.  I definitely need to remember this, especially on those tough work days where it feels impossible to drag myself out of bed.  It could be worse – I could spend the day laid up with sickness!

Lifesaving (literally?) neck warmer!


On a slightly sillier note, I am really grateful for neckwarmers.  Over the holidays, Minnesota was sent into temperatures well below zero. I’ve been getting out to run to maintain my running streak, so I really had to bundle up to stay safe.  These things are a lifesaver!  My cheeks and nose were covered up and protected from the cold and wind.




What are you all grateful for?

2 thoughts on “Monday Gratitude

  • I love your Monday Gratitude posts! We all need to think about what we are grateful for. Keep the neckwarmer close the cold weather is coming for visit over the weekend!

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