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March Expenses

This is a monthly post where I break down the nitty gritty of our expenses, so you can see where our money goes each month.   I’ll also share a chart of of the progress on our mortgage, tax deferred investments, and and taxable investments. These charts don’t include numbers, but they will show trends as Read more about March Expenses[…]

Gratitude: Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung, Minnesota style!   I was poking around the blog The Fresh Exchange earlier this week.  I was really loving the author’s pieces on embracing seasonal living.  This is something I personally struggle with but am trying to work on. I live for fall and winter – I have to store up enough Read more about Gratitude: Spring has Sprung[…]

Happy [frugal] Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day readers!  I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling pretty so-so about this holiday.  That feeling starts out when you’re a single, annoyed by the constant reminder of your singleness, then evolves into a pressure filled day when you are in a relationship.  It’s a mess of a holiday!  That being said, I’ll Read more about Happy [frugal] Valentine’s Day[…]